You`ll find instructions to remove and disable cookies and other tracking/recording tools in the technical information of your mobile device or browser. Note that disabling cookies on your mobile device or browser may prevent us or our business partners from tracking your browser`s service activities. However, this allows many of the features available through the service to be disable. You can unsubscribe individually for third parties on their websites, but data-sharing restrictions can make it difficult or impossible to make the service available after an opt-out. You can also disable interest-based ads provided by participating ad servers through the Digital Advertising Alliance (, the Network Advertising Initiative ( or the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance ( Since we have no control over the data that our hosting customers collect or how they use it, webflow is the processing of personal data hosted via websites on our platform. A processor is a person or company that collects and decides personal data: we are based in the United States, but if we do not expressly agree to anything else (including our terms), we can host, transfer and process data, including personal data, in the United States and other countries via Webflow and third parties that we use for the operation and management of the service. These countries may have data protection laws that differ from those in your country of residence. Webflow uses a wide range of security measures, including contractual and technical measures, to protect the data we have transmitted. If we access these third-party apps on your behalf, the third-party app gives us access to certain data. We use, store and divy this data in accordance with this Directive. We collect certain technical information from visitors to our customers` websites. The information our web servers record on our service customers` visitors includes the Internet Protocol ( IP) address; The date or time a website or feature is accessible The user-agent chain that identifies the browser or operating system with the server; Installed fonts types of mime; The navigator`s language and time zone Silverlight data Installed plugins HTTP header; and screen resolution.

If you have any questions or complaints about this policy, you can email us If we are unable to resolve the situation with you, we can refer you to JAMS. If these methods do not work, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission, request a mandatory arbitration procedure in front of a data protection shield or file a complaint with a supervisory authority of a relevant Member State.